Guiding Parenting

You’ll find lots of practical suggestions for parents and other caregivers in the following posts. Information and reflections are offered on understanding, encouraging, and inspiring children, creating engaging learning environments, and connecting with children.

Learning to do Science / Science Learning Activities

Crafts or Science?

I will have to tread carefully here. I don’t want to discourage anyone’s effort to introduce science or the wonders of nature to children. Bu...

Childhood Fears / Development of Fears / Parenting

Fearlessly Forward: Parents Managing Children’s Fears

The activities on this blog assume that you are monitoring your child’s interests and are prepared to jump in with follow-up questions and idea...

Compassion / Empathy / Nature / Parenting Strategies / Prosocial Behaviors

Nurtured by Nature: Promoting Prosocial Behavior

We all assume the role of parent with many hopes and goals. Among a range of desired outcomes most of us prioritize for our children are: feeling...

Children's Explanations / Children's Scientific Concepts / Parents Guiding Science Learning

Where Do Children’s Ideas Come From?

The term “scientific concepts” seems to imply something incredibly sophisticated, technical and applying it is above most of our pay grades....

Parenting advice / Parenting Strategies for Learning

Say “Yes” to Play!

When I was in graduate school I remember reading something that suggested that if you allowed kids to make up their own rules, the ones they gene...

Grandparenting / Parenting / Work as teams

Curious Teams

I love a good discussion. Questions posed, ideas flowing, abundant evidence of problem-solving, all qualities of a rich exchange and for me, ver...

Parenting advice / Parents as Teachers

Help on the Way

Hold on, you are thinking, am I supposed to cover all of the steps included in the activities on this blog? Ask all of those questions? Hold my c...

Parenting Play / Parenting. parenting thoughts and cognitions

Parenting Worrywarts

I regularly read books, articles or blogs describing today’s parents as anxious. Parents are worried about doing the right things for their chi...

Advantages of Pretend Play / Parenting advice / Play to learn

Plenty of Pretend Play

Educational and developmental scholars all emphatically agree. Children learn best through play. They play to learn and learning is maximized whe...

Curiosity Coaching / Parenting Thoughts/Cognitions

Meta-Parenting Cognitions

Occasionally I beat myself up. “Why did I say that to her?” “What was I thinking when I made that face?” Thoughts that pop up out of nowh...

Curiosity Coaching / Emotion Coaching / Meta-emotion

Let’s Talk About the Meta’s….

If reading in the field of developmental psychology, and particularly work by those who study parent-child relationships, one will often encounte...


Musings on Teaching Math

I have read several recent commentaries on techniques for teaching math more effectively, including one entitled “Why Do Americans Stink At Ma...