Guiding Curiosity is a blog for parents, grandparents, teachers or other caregivers who want to share in playful learning with young children (ages 3 – 8). Strategies for engaging wonder and easy to use, hands-on activities designed to maximize exploration and fun are described.  Interactive learning experiences with children build positive and healthy relationships and life long curiosity.

Animal Relationships / Cooperation / Helpful Behaviors / Symbiosis

Symbiotic Relationships: Cooperative Relationships Among Animals

How come we can’t all get along? These days you may be asking that question a lot. If it is any consolation, in the animal and plant kingdom...

Animals / Backyard Science / Mollusks / Seashore Science / Slugs / Snails

Backyard and Seashore Science, Mollusks II: Snails and Slugs

Snails and slugs in the garden are labeled as pests. Snails cooked in garlic and butter is labeled a delicacy (for some)! To inspire curiosity an...

Forces / Gravity / Motion / Physics / Play / Push/Pull / Sports

Play, Physics and Sports: Children and Learning

The Guiding Curiosity activities assume that you as the person doing the guiding are building on or extending a child’s play. I am not sure I r...